Reflections Car Wash

711 Saybrook Road
Middletown CT 06457

(860)347-WASH (9274)


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Touchless Automatic Bay

Our Touchless Automatic bay has the newest, most technologically advanced equipment available. Our machine is the Belanger SABER. We can accomodate vehicles up to 7'3 tall, including full size pickups including dually pickups. Our Touchless machine does not use brushes or rags that contact your car so it will not harm your vehicle. Our Touchless wash consists of a 2 step presoak to ensure the best clean possible.

Various wash packages are available- see our Wash Menu above for options. All washes include a spot free rinse prior to the blowers. The spot free rinse helps to ensure your vehicle will not have any water spots on it after you leave. Spot free water is made on site using a reverse osmosis machine. Many competitor car washes will claim they rinse with spot free water, when in fact they may not.

All washes include our blower system to give you the driest car possible as you exit the wash. We provide 80 horsepower of blowers with 6 producers. A timer on the left exit side will aid you in timing your exit through the blowers. Go slow through the blowers and use all of the time provided to get the driest car possible.

Our undercarriage wash is the first undercarriage wash of its kind in Connecticut. We first wash the underside of your vehicle with high pressure water to remove as much road debris as possible. Then we apply a low pressure rust inhibitor on the undercarriage which remains on the underside of the vehicle to help protect it from harsh chemicals which are applied to road surfaces for deicing and anti-icing reasons. The chemical we apply actually neutralizes salt. Does this prevent rust from forming on the undercarriage of my vehicle? While it doesn't prevent rust from forming, it is the best protection currently available to assist in preserving the vehicle undercarriage. The rust inhibitor is available on our GOLD, REFLECTION, and CARNAUBA washes.

Our top wash, the Carnauba wash, includes a Carnauba wax finish, a siliconized liquid wax. The protection and shine of Carnauba is second to none and the best available protection for your vehicle's finish.

Self Serve Bays & Super Bay

We have three self serve bays and one super bay (an oversized self serve bay). All self serve bays have tire cleaner, presoak, high pressure soap, wax, and rinse, as well as a foam brush for your use. Remember to spray off the foam brush prior to use to clean off any debris lodged in the bristles from the previous use. Triple foam clear coat protectant and spot free rinse are also available. Our new "Precept" Presoak in each self serve bay neutralizes the effects of chemicals used in road salts to help clean and protect your car's body and undercarriage.

Our regular self serve bays have a blower available to help blow the water off your vehicle. All bays include floor mat hangers to clean your inside floor mats. Don't forget to blow them off too so they are dry prior to putting them back into your vehicle.

Our Super Bay is designed to be used by oversized vehicles, with an 11'6 height clearance and a length of 34'. School buses, 10 wheel dump trucks, flat bed trucks, and boats are all welcome! What better way to clean your boat after a fun day on the water- it's quick and easy!

Please help to keep the self serve bays clean for our next valuable customer. Don't leave mud, leaves, or other excessive debris on the walls or the floor. If you make a mess, clean it please!

Vacuum Machines

We have three vacuum/fragrance machines, one vacuum/air machine, and one shampoo/vacuum machine. All vacuums have 3 strong motors to provide the strongest suction available to clean the inside of your vehicle. Our fragrance machines enable you to spray the interior with your choice of many fragrances. Our shampoo machine uses a foam shampoo to help rid the carpet and upholstered seats of stains and soil. Our air machine provides a top-level air compressor to inflate your tires, with a built in pressure guage to make sure you fill them to the right pressure.